Svalbard 2015 – Day 3: The big sleep

July 16th of the trip, not really worthy it’s own post but I figured it made sense for continuity. After leaving Borebukta on the evening of the 15th we had a long transport leg towards Magdalenefjorden to look for walrus. The wind stood head on from the north and the waves were… clearly noticable 🙂

We arrived around 14:00 but no walruses were seen and the wind was too strong in the fjord to enter the zodiacs anyway. The weather forecast said there would be even more wind so we decided to push on towards the polar ice. The sea got even rougher and both passengers and some of the crew had real problems with seasickness. For me it was the first time in as long as I can remember. The best option was heading to bed…

Route for July 16th 2015

Route for July 16th 2015

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